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Portfolio 2021

Monthly Journal Quilts with the Contemporary Quilt Group, Quilters Guild of the British Isles 2021
interspersed with other work that I make.

These must be: Min 6” (15cm ) x Max 12” (30cm) and are to be joined together.

My theme is Pomegranates. The slightly quirky shape, the rich surface of the skin with hints of gold and iridescence. Cut open, the often asymmetrical arrangement of seeds, the juice flowing as you cut. Exotic, sumptuous, delicious. Colour, texture, shape; all the ingredients for inspiration.

My plan is to keep the width to 7” (18cm) and vary the length as it happens. These small quilts can be put together in any order to make a skinny long runner. I am using a felting process of wool and silk lamination to create surface design. The backings will also be felted wool and silk so the runner will be double sided.





Wander Out Yonder
30 x 175 cm

Selected for the Festival of Quilts UK 2022

Textile, wool felted and laminated with silk.

With our state borders closed due to Covid19, West Australians were encouraged to 'Wander out Yonder' and explore the spectacular landscape within our isolated state.
In the Wheatbelt, east of Perth, the farming communities only benefited from piped water from 2000. Still in use low walls on raised granite outcrops collect and channel water to a tank. Natural cavities, gnamma holes, also collect water and were in use before European settlement.
Wave rocks, dramatic stripes of colour dribbling down from overhangs were created from water action dissolving and re-depositing chemicals in the granite.


Merino wool fibre, paj silk, silk and bamboo fibres dyed with curry tree berries.
Sumi ink, silk dyes, posca pen.


Felted wool fibres, integrating panels of sumi inked pre felts.
Sumi ink line drawing, wax resist and silk painting, steam fixed.
Lamination of wool fibres and painted silk.
Sumi ink and painting on silk for backing.


Sumi Ink Detail



Wool Colours

Paint Colours


Painted Silk


Salmon Gum Backing

Pomegranate Skin Textures Pomegranate - Pomegranate pieces assembled. Selected for the Busselton Art Award

Pomegranate Art Cloth - Cobweb felt with wool and silk fibres


Pomegranate Seeds Pomegranate Skin

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