Work in Progress

The magic of felt: wool + water + soap + gentle work with the hands 

Many of my quilts and other work in the portfolios feature cloth made by wool lamination creating contrasting textures. My recent Felt work will be found there. Here are some more of my explorations into the amazing possibilities of Felt. Exploring and learning more about the different breeds of sheep encourages experimentation and brings serendipity.


A project piece from course with Fiona Duthie
Silk Mesh Scarf
Light and soft drape using treetopscolourharmonies silk mesh and decorative edges



Decorative felt edges

Work from an online course with Fiona Duthie

Art cloth scarves

Superfine merino and fine silk mesh for gorgeous light luxurious wearable

Fantasy Fish

A 3D project exploring various forms of resists and manipulation in a workshop with Mandy Nash

Cactus inspired Mats and pods

Oven Gloves

Flame and heat resistant, washable.

Corriedale Bag

All in One bag. The handle is cut from the bag layout; a clever design. Workshop with Hilly Edwards. Mine is corriedale wool, with hidden(!) blue silks.


Rucksac Bag

Rucksack Bag with outside pocket and metal fastener.

A design by Osvalda Warner.



Wool lamination with silk and super fine merino. Made in a workshop with Vivienne Morpeth

Wool is, Felt is

Banner for promoting the natural qualities of wool.

Portland White fleece from the Green Dragon Eco farm used for the sheep face, sheared 2017 and scoured & carded with IFA friends.
Merino, Shetland, Zwertble and silk fibres used for texture in the landscape.

Blue Bag

Wool lamination, sometimes called ‘nuno’, where wool fibres are introduced to woven silk fabrics, here a recycled sari. The magic of felt: wool + water + soap + gentle work with the hands fixes the wool to the cloth and this is then manipulated in the fulling process.

Hat and 'Gladstone' bag

made in workshops with Sarah Waters and Chrissie Day


Bowls, Vessels and Cases,
iPad case

From 2D to 3D, more felt magic. Decorative and functional, more creativity with the hand.
For the textile artist, the opportunity to play with colour and texture.

Silk & felt collars & Long ‘cobweb’ felted scarves.
Superfine merino wool and silk chiffon neck scarves. Tussah silk adds a golden glow even after dyeing

Slate Table Mat

From fleece to felt - local Zwertble sheep in Kimpton.


Heat resistant table mats.


Felt Sculpture
An inspirational workshop with Marjolein Dallinga.

Felt Jewellery

Made in a workshop with Hilly Edwards.

All the images displayed on this site are of original artwork by Barbara Weeks (unless otherwise stated). If used elsewhere she should be credited and would appreciate being informed!