Work in Progress

Work in Progress
or, more accurately, The progress of a piece of work.
Techniques leading to my work based on the Rainforests of Tropical Northern Queensland; using felt, sheers and hand dyed silks.
From initial design ideas, through making the felt (my current passion!), dying silks, machine quilting to the completed piece.
All to be found in my Portfolio.

Two wonderful holidays to the North Eastern Coast of Australia inspired themes of the Great Barrier Reef and of the Tropical Rainforests. Ideas from my sketchbook, photographs and inspirational reference material lead to experimentation with a variety of media and materials.
Working title: Rainforests

A collage of ideas, colours and photographs
Observational sketches


Techniques, samples and images pinned up on the wall
The idea begins to take shape in my mind, into the sketchbook and onto a full size sketch on the wall.
Thoughts, aims & intentions
A plan for the felt base layer
The felt base layer made using merino wool, silk fibres and strips of torn silk. Silks and sheers dyed and auditioned

Using Freezer paper to mark and work the applique shapes. Dyed translucent organza is stitched to the felt background.

Looking again at my original 'field' sketchbook gave me inspirations for quilting designs.


You can view the finished quilt ;
Rainforest 1
with close-up details etc
in Portfolio 2011

Marking the quilting; the chalk wheel 'cuts through' the tear away stabiliser.
Free quilting with variegated thread. Embellished with glass beads to catch the light. More quilting on appliqued leaves.

All the images displayed on this site are of original artwork by Barbara Weeks (unless otherwise stated). If used elsewhere she should be credited and would appreciate being informed!