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2015Journal Quilts & Further into Felt

Taking Coastlines as a theme for my Journal Quilts this year allows me to revisit some memorable pages from my sketchbook and further explore some fascinating places.


Pancake rocks at Punakaiki

On the West coast of South Island NZ, the limestone rocks have been so weathered as to look like layers of pancakes. Get the tides right and there are also spectacular blowholes. Reverse applique with silk-cotton fabrics.


East coast of South Island NZ, seals playing on the shoreline, but the breaking waves over worn rocks give up fabulous colours and textural marks. I explored this with wax resist on paper and fabric, before refining the scale. After wax and painting, I steam fixed, removed the wax, applied ‘No Flow’ and further detailed painting. Hand quilted on silk wadding.

Original photo & Sketchbook

Shoreline Rocks, Kaikoura.

A close up, developing the ‘February’ seascape. Wax resist on bamboo-silk fabric. Fragmented design, bonded with mistyfuse and free quilted.

Sketchbook design; Ink (applied with a twig), wax resist & watercolour.

Wild Water.

This coastline could be almost anywhere and is a reminder of the power of the waves and the mesmerising effect on the viewer. Wax resist on bamboo-silk, steam fixed silk dyes and hand quilted.


Outback Meeting Place

The rich red earth of Outback Australia. I wanted to convey the sense of isolation and distance, the elemental emptiness, so the composition of the quilt had to be restrained, to resist the temptation to add more. Dyed silk-linen slub pieced with nuno felted textures using chiffon and recycled sari. Machine quilted with wool wadding; sponge printed surface design.



Whitehaven beach, Queensland. White , sculptured sand, sparkling blue sea, beachcombing the shoreline.
Wool- laminated white metallic stripe chiffon; painted with steam fixed dyes. Tea dyed silk, hand quilted.



Praia do Barril.

On the Algarve, abandoned, weathered, anchors sit proudly as a memorial to a more abundant past fishing industry. They make a strong design statement.
Wool - laminated tea dyed organza, sponge printed. Hand and machine quilted.



Seven Sisters

I grew up on the South Downs so this dramatic coastline with it’s characteristic crumbly chalk is symbolic of going home and returning home from across the channel.
Wax resist painted silk; bonded fragmented design. Hand quilted.

Seven Sisters Snow - photo: John Holloway

White Cloud

On the Blackwater. Lots of fun and new challenges after 6 years of restoration on our 1912 Yawl.
Digital print, felted wool and silk fibres, painted silk.


Cape to Cape, Western Australia. The Indian Ocean, glistening clear water, dramatic surf. Cobweb felted merino applied over wool laminated chiffon. Backed with wool/viscose wadding.





Cape to Cape, Western Australia. A spectacular coastline with endless sandy beaches and glorious surf. Wool lamination to create contrasting textural surfaces. Felted Wensleydale locks and seacell fibres to add lustre.



Canal Rocks.

Cape to Cape. Dramatic rocks, wild water.
Collage of felted and laminated wools.

Cape Naturaliste.

We walked sections of the Cape Naturaliste to Cape Lewin coast in the far south of Western Australia in early Spring when tiny orchids emerge among a spectacular carpet of wild flowers.
Laminated wool and silk fibres on silk –linen cloth. Hand finished raw edge.



Coastlines 2015
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