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Portfolio - Late 90's

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(150 x 183cm 1999)
Inspiration from Gaudí's Barcelona - The stained glass of the Sagrada Familia, the colours and curves of the Casa Batllo & La Pedrera and the crazy mosaics of the Parc Güell are all to be found in my quilt. Dyed and painted silks bonded and machine quilted to a painted textured silk noil background.
Come On You Reds
(90 x 90cm 1999)
A 'vintage' (the year I was born) twill Football shirt inspires this piece made for the Quilters' Guild 1999 'Red & White Challenge'. I enjoyed working with the design details - They don't make them like this any more!
(64 x 64cm 1999)*

Inspired by Monet's Giverny.
A pale translucent feel, evocative of a hot summer day

(100 x 120cm 1998)

Made especially for my first solo exhibition at the Zoological Museum, Tring, this stitched and cut hanging combines the vibrant colours seen on one of the exhibits (gallus gallus) with a Mackintosh curvinlinear design from the V&A

(59 x97 cm, 1998)*

Using Monet's painting,
'Poplars, Sunset 1891'
for inspiration, this hanging allowed me to combine my favourite techniques of fabric painting, fabric dyeing and free machine quilting


The Birch Wood & Bluebell Series
Birch Wood - Bluebells at Dusk
(62 X 82 cm, 1997)*
Birch Wood in Autumn
(60 x 60 cm 1997)*
(62 x 64 cm, 1998)
Birch Wood in Winter
(60 x 60 cm, 1997)*
Birch Woods & Bluebells-
The Colours of my Love

(112 x 115 cm, 1996)*
The first, and largest, in the series.
The series of five 'Birch Wood & Bluebells' hangings inspired by Klimt's work and my local bluebell wood. Smooth strips of bark contrasting with densely textured woodland floor.
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Crazy About the Broads
(115 x 122 cm, 1995)*

Freely cut strips of hand dyed fabric incorporating crazy patchwork & frayed edges and images of the Wherry 'Albion'. Celebrates a week on the 'Albion' with the Broadlands Art Centre (tutor Angela Dammery & Skipper Kim Dowe).

Suomi Winter

(81 x 94 cm, 1995)*

Curved Patchwork. The dark days of winter in Finland are brightened by the reflection of snow and frozen lakes. Finnish fabrics from the Marimekko factory evoke the feel of a winter landscape.

Suomi Sunset

(95 x 150 cm, 1994)*

In the Finnish mid-summer the sun barely sets. There is a general feeling of well-being and making the most of this brief time of endless days spent outdoors. Silks & Hand dyed cotton. Free machine quilting based on a Finnish wood carving.

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