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Portfolio 2008

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Trapping Colour, Catching Light

Journal Quilts 2008
I have become facinated by the qualities of light and working with overlays of colour and pattern.
My inspiration continues to centre on coastlines, coral reef systems and related images, but I am sometimes distracted by environmental issues or a return to long familiar themes.
January: Sheer Shorelines (30x30cm)  
Batik on layers of abaca paper generated experiments with layering painted habotai silk between two layers of organza. Hand quilted and bound.
February: Plastic Soup (30x30cm)  
In the Pacific 'plastic soup' has engulfed an area twice the size of the US. Felted background, applied plastics, overlays of net and silk chiffon.
Machine quilted.
March: Shorelines-Coral (30x30cm)  

The hidden depths - aerial views reveal where the coral lies; you have to be careful when dropping anchor.
Felt and silk fibres overlaid with batik on silk organza.
Machine quilted.

April: Fishes (30x30cm)  

Felt 'Coral' background. Painted Purple Anthias. Overlaid with painted chiffon.
Machine Quilted.


Waterlines (120x30cm)  

Blue lines divide the idyllic tropical island, coral reef and abundant fish from the plastic detrius building up underwater.

Pre-felt, wool fibres, plastic wrappers, painted silk habotai and chiffon layers.

Selected for the Contemporary Quilt Challenge:
'The Thin Blue Line'
Exhibited at the Dudley Museum and Art Gallery
7th-12th July 2008

Waterlines - Details
May: Pajama Cardinalfish (30x30cm)  
Rebecca's favourite.
I tried a lino cut on many different background fabrics.
Liquitex acrylic paint.
June: Shell Shoreline (30x30cm)  
Memories of Dugone beach in the Whitsundays. We gathered these 'sequin' shells from the shoreline. Wet felting including cameldown & Wensleydale, silk throwsters. Dry needlefelting of added fabrics.
July: Rainforest (30x30cm)  
Damp and steamy; misty layers dripping with trailing foliage; punctuated by shrill sounds and flashes of brilliant colour.
August: Wal's Wheels (30x30cm)  
Our transport on Magnetic Island. Digital printing on transfer paper. Rust on the Mini-Moke is evocative of the hot, tropical, side of Australia.
September: Golden Coral (30x30cm)  
'Crater' coral felt uses marbles to create craters, then layered and quilted.
October: Waves (30x30cm)  
'Holey' Felt created with woven strips, layered with organza and habotai.
November: Mangoes (30x30cm)  

Harvested from
104a The Strand. Townsville. QLD

Neocolour pastels on recycled viyella.


December: Paper Bark (30x30cm)  

Lovely peely textures. Thermofax print on silk; overlaid with digital image on organza.

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All the images displayed on this site are of original artwork by Barbara Weeks (unless otherwise stated). If used elsewhere she should be credited and would appreciate being informed!