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Portfolio 2006

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Northumberland Walk

(198 x 78cm 2006)

An eco-friendly holiday walking the Northumberland Coast inspired this quilt; giant hogweed provided the focus. I have tried to ‘stay on track’ working with selected images from my photographs and sketches. I set out to explore the qualities of the cloth; linen, silks and abaca tissue, within a restricted colour palette. This was achieved by using a variety of slub weaves, some dyed with tea and others with ‘black’ dye, resulting in an interesting mix of brown-black and blue- black.

Collaging layers enabled me to incorporate frayed raw edges and let the texture of the cloth take over.


(48 x 90cm 2006)

My Northumberland coastal walk provided insiration for this interpretation of rock strata.
The subtle differences in colour are achieved by using the same black dye on Abaca paper and silk fabrics.

Abaca paper, silk, silk/cotton. 'Quilt as you go' construction. Double needle stitching and quilting

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