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Barbara has been working with textiles over five decades, teaching City and Guilds Design and Craft courses in stitched Textiles in the UK and exhibiting locally and abroad. She has taught internationally in Europe, the middle East and at the 2011 Quilt Symposium in Queenstown NZ.


Barbara is a member of the Bunbury Felting Group, the OZQuilt Network, the IFA (International Felt Makers) and an Honorary Life Member of the Quilters Guild of the British Isles.

A volunteer at The ArtGeo Cultural Complex, Barbara settled in Geographe, Busselton in late 2019 after 15 years as a tourist, first exploring North Queensland and more recently the glorious South West of WA.


Exhibitions include
Nationally (UK) & Internationally:

Oct.'20 - Inclusive Excellence, ArtGeo Gallery Busselton WA
Feb. '12 - 'Trapping Colour, Catching Light' - Solo exhibition, Hertford Theatre Gallery
Aug. '11 - Festival of Quilts, NEC
Jul. '11 - 'Past Present Future' - HVA at Hertford Museum
Aug. '07 - Festival of Quilts, NEC Birmingham
June '10 - Herts Visual Arts, Kingsbury Barn, St.Albans
June '07 - Expo Magic Quilt, France
May '07 - The Red House Glass Cone
Nov.'06 - Courtyard Arts, Hertford
Nov.'04 - Delta Studios, Falkirk
April '02 - Quilt Expo, Barcelona
Jan.'02 - 'Hidden Secrets' St Albans Museum
July '01 - Minerva Art Centre, Llanidloes
June '01 - 'The Art of Quilts', Shipley Arts Gallery, Gateshead
Jan '01 - 'Pages from my Sketchbook' Solo at Leighton Buzzard Library
Sept. '99 - 'Landscape Impressions', Bromham Mill, Bedford
Oct. '98 - 'Chasing Butterflies, Kicking Leaves' Solo at Tring Museum
Nov.'96 - 'Layers of Inspiration', Quilters Guild, Dean Clough Galleries

ArtGeo Gallery, Busselton, WA
'Inclusive Excellence' Group exhibition

Catching Colour, Trapping Light
Barbara's gallery at the Festival of Quilts

Barbara Weeks  Leighton B exhib

'Pages from my Sketckbook'
Solo exhibition at Leighton Buzzard Library


Barbara's work and written articles have appeared in the following

2016 Hertfordshire Life
2007 The Quilter. Article: 'Contempory or Inovative'
2005 The Quilter's Guild Collection: Contempory Quilts: Heritage Inspiration
2004 A Quilter's Guide to Floral Quilts
2004 The Quilter. Autumn 04 - C&G in France
2004 Magic Patch. No.16 - Mosaics (below right)
2003The Quilter. Spring Issue - Cover picture & Teacher Profile (below).



2002 Popular Patchwork. Conversation Piece
2000 Fabrications. Mosaics Article
1999 Fabrications. Design article
1999 The Quilter. Cover picture and Exhibition Review
1998 Popular Patchwork. 'Bluebells' featured.
1997 The Quilter.Autumn Issue - 'Further into the Birchwoods' featured.
1997 Popular Patchwork.
1996 Popular Patchwork.
1994 The Quilter. Ciy & Guilds Course article.

Commissions for:

2007 HADFAS, Felting the Seasons at Roundwood Park Junior School, Harpenden (see right)
2005 '25 for 25', QGBI
2005 JD Wetherspoons, Water End Barns, St Albans, England: Two wall hangings
2002 Hammersmith Hospital Trust, London: Three wall hangings.

Quilt Judge for:

2014 Switzerland Quilt Show
2013 Kuwait Textile Show
2012 International Quilt Show, Dubai
2011 Remarkable Symposium, Queenstown, NZ
2003/4/14/16 Festival of Quilts, NEC, Birmingham
2002 Royal Dublin Society, Ireland

Organiser for Judges at the Festival of Quilts NEC Birmingham UK 05-09

Tutor on Quilters’ Guild of the British Isles Judges Course 07-09

External Verifier for City & Guilds (1993 - 2006): Design & Craft, Stitched Textiles

Dance of Devotion

A quilt by Anne Armour and winner of Best in Show,
Dubai International Quilt Show 2012

All the images displayed on this site are of original artwork by Barbara Weeks (unless otherwise stated). If used elsewhere she should be credited and would appreciate being informed!