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I am an International Textile teacher, who for many years lived in Kimpton, Hertfordshire, UK, but now have emigrated to southern Western Australia and live in Busselton, overlooking Geographe Bay - wonderfull!

I am in my studio, compelled to make.
So many choices; my collection of diverse wools and silks.

Recent work is all about creating surface design and the wet felting process which demands that I engage intimately with the qualities in these natural fibres. Working directly with my hands is liberating, exciting, risky and yet calming, serendipitous. Colour, texture and making marks are all considered and the process of manipulation as the cloth changes and shrinks. Layering and stitching may follow.

The contrasting coastlines of Australia are becoming my second home, and my inspirational passion. The range of blue-greens dazzle against the pale sands, whipped up by the surf, interrupting the marks left by living forms arouse curiosity. Beneath my feet, in the bush, strange and beautiful banksia cones draw my attention.

Barbara has been working with textiles over five decades, teaching and exhibiting along the way. Contemporary Quilt making has been a major focus, layering and stitching to add further elements of design.

In my portfolio, a retrospective of all Journal quilts, one a month since 2007 and many quilts and felts I couldn't bring with me!

Go to the Profile page for inspiration themes and to The 2019 Portfolio for current work and developments in fabric and felt.
To see how I progress inspiration into a piece of work, go to the Work in Progress page.

Last year Barbara was interviewed by the School of Stitched Textiles, the UK’s largest distance learning centre for textiles based courses. 
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  • Latest gallery Journal Quilts theme for 2019 is here, 2020 will follow soon. Also with new ventures in Felt here.

All the images displayed on this site are of original artwork by Barbara Weeks (unless otherwise stated). If used elsewhere she should be credited and would appreciate being informed!
A number of pieces displayed in the Portfolios are for sale.

If you would like to discuss the possible purchase of a piece please contact Barbara. Barbara welcomes enquiries regarding commissions.
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