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Portfolio 2020

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Journal Quilts & Other Work 2020

Journal Quilts 2020; 23cm x 23cm (9” square), to include something recycled.

My ‘recycled’ is going to be the sari silks, lace and so on, wool laminated for surface texture.

A Year in my Garden, Geographe Bay, Western Australia. So much to learn. I have Ponytail palms, a Mango tree, a Curry tree, Peppermint Eucalypts, Ferns, staghorn and Yukka. A mandarin tree, a lemon tree, Strelitzia , Kangaroo paw and numerous plants I can’t identify. Some kind of pumpkin, tomatoes, Thai basil and coriander, which I could never grow in the UK.
And a fish pond with mature Koi.


Garden composter.

The star of the back yard. Rusted and weathered, I have tried to capture the textures using my hoard of silks and other natural fibres including a piece of my wedding dress. Dyed grey, it has added raised texture. Machine quilted with a muslin backing.



The Fish Pond

A continually moving gallery of glorious colour and pattern. Do they ever sleep? Painted silk, Inktense pencil. Recycled sari scrap for the plant pot.


Kangaroo Paw.

Iconic native Australian plant, added to the garden. Now dying back, it’s Autumn here. Striped net curtain, image painted with inktense pencils after quilting. Additional quilting on stripes in wool thread.

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