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Portfolio 2020

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Journal Quilts & Other Work 2020

Journal Quilts 2020; 23cm x 23cm (9” square), to include something recycled.

My ‘recycled’ is going to be the sari silks, lace and so on, wool laminated for surface texture.

A Year in my Garden, Geographe Bay, Western Australia. So much to learn. I have Ponytail palms, a Mango tree, a Curry tree, Peppermint Eucalypts, Ferns, staghorn and Yukka. A mandarin tree, a lemon tree, Strelitzia , Kangaroo paw and numerous plants I can’t identify. Some kind of pumpkin, tomatoes, Thai basil and coriander, which I could never grow in the UK.
And a fish pond with mature Koi.


Garden composter.

The star of the back yard. Rusted and weathered, I have tried to capture the textures using my hoard of silks and other natural fibres including a piece of my wedding dress. Dyed grey, it has added raised texture. Machine quilted with a muslin backing.


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